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Our Services

Hiring a home or commercial property inspector is a big decision. With us, you can trust that all hazards or structural defects are detected, discussed, and documented. Protect your investment. Book with us today!

While we cater to residential sales, commercial sales, and first time home buyers, we also offer consultations. Have your home inspected for a prioritized home repairs list to maximize your investment or increase the value of your home.


Types of Inspections

  • Residential Inspections

  • Commercial Inspections

  • HUD Manufactured Home Inspections

  • Apartment & Condo Inspections

  • Pre-Sale Inspections

  • Prioritized Home Repair List

  • Consultations

Inspections Include

FREE Pest Inspection Included

Wood boring insects: Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, Carpenter Ants and Bees.



Includes all exterior components. I.e. roof, siding, windows, grading, drainage, patios, and walkways. Additionally, we walk all roofs that don’t require special equipment (not all inspectors do this, and we feel it’s important for proper inspection.)

Foundation & Basement

Includes all structure. For example, we enter all accessible attics and crawl spaces.


We operate all fixtures simultaneously for a minimum of 20 minutes and thoroughly inspect all plumbing components.


We inspect the interior of all distribution panels and thoroughly inspect general wiring and fixtures throughout the home. Yes, this includes attics and crawl spaces.

Heating & Cooling

We operate all heating and cooling systems and thoroughly inspect all related components. However, air conditioning systems can only be tested in exterior conditions of 65 degrees or above.

General Living Areas

This includes ceilings, floors, attics, insulation, and more.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Comprehensive testing performed with CO meters. Includes heating systems, water heaters, ranges/ovens, and gas fireplaces.

Flammable Gas

All accessible gas lines are checked with combustible gas leak detectors.

Additional Services

Radon Testing


Radon testing is an additional $125.00 fee.
We use Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitors. Therefore, there’s no need for third party analysis. We even have immediate results available to print on site.

For more information on Radon and Radon testing visit Environmental Protection Agency‘s website.

FHA / VA Letters

We provide FHA and VA letters.

Residential Commercial Inspection Battle Creek

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